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 Our mission is to end your quest of hair care products that work for you and your family. Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, our products will ensure that you feel empowered and confident, wearing your hair out with ease and pride.

Our products will help you shorten your time spent in the shower on wash days, and thus create more time for you to have fun with your family and friends.

Whether your household has people with the same hair type or not, our products got your back. Kinky, curly, wavy, or straight, Njia Asili's brand can help you tackle your hair challenges. 


How can one brand do that? Well, our line of products were created to help families by reducing the number of decision they would make every single day. Therefore, we designed and manufactured products that solve hair problems to the root.

Njia Asili's products solve:

  • the lack of hydration which may causes hair breakage, split ends ...
  • the lack of a balanced environment on your scalp (dirt, clogged pores ...),which may cause hair growth issues, itchy scalp ...
  • the lack of flexibility of hair strands which may cause mechanical breakage, pain combing/brushing your hair ...

Our products are professionally designed. Some are perfect blends of ingredients that penetrate the scalp and hair shaft, while other are defenders and create an effective barrier against moisture loss.


Remember, your hair is nothing but beautiful. If you think otherwise, then contact our team of specialist for a one-on-one meeting to learn technique to step up your game.


Njia Asili is a Canadian business that formulates, manufactures, and distributes natural hair care products. 



Njia Asili Team