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Njia Asili is a Canadian business that formulates, manufactures, and distributes natural hair care products. 

In Swahili, Njia means 'road', 'way' and Asili means 'origin', 'natural'. The name Njia Asili resonates with our goal of leading the way back to our origin for:

  • people who want to revert to their natural hair
  • people who always had their natural hair but need assistance in understanding and caring for their natural hair
  • people who, despite their desire to keep their natural hair, have to cut them short or use chemicals, for lack of better knowledge

Njia Asili is selling more than hair care products. We are selling Ease and Pride for our natural hair.

We want you to:

  • eliminate your pain of managing your natural hair
  • reduce the time you commit to on your washdays
  • long for your next wash day



Njia Asili